CMS mobile

The most advanced video client software for the mobile devices

Alnet Systems'CMS Mobile application, designed for mobile phones and PDA, is currently one of the most advanced solutions on the market. CMS mobile allows remote access to NET Professional servers and NetStation from almost everywhere on the earth. Applications are available in versions for all mobile devices with Symbian OS or Windows Mobile. Thanks to the innovative solutions in the field of image compression CMS mobile is an excellent solution for remote monitoring through low bandwidth networks, for example GSM/GPRS. In spite of low bandwidth offered by GSM providers the image on CMS Mobile is fluent and high quality.

  System allows "live" view from all the cameras installed on the NET Professional server side or NetStation. Developed archive files menu allows quick and precise archive browsing recorded on remote server. Clear and "user friendly" PTZ dome control panel and digital input / output menu fulfils functionality of the system. CMS Mobile application installed on PDA with wireless transmission (WI-FI) is perfect for use by guards patrolling large areas. Now there is no need of permanent contact between guards and control room, images from cameras is always available on the PDA - immediately and everywhere.

Such solutions make guards more efficient and in many cases allow personal reduction. CMS Mobile, thanks to high image quality and vast functionality makes NET Professional / NetStation remote monitoring systems more elastic and easier in use.

Cameras includes actual list of all cameras installed on server site. Red indicator near camera description informs when motion detected and this definitely

Main window includes all information about connection with remote server such as name of the viewed camera, server address and display speed ( fps ). It is possible in the bottom part of the screen to adjust compression level and display speed. These parameters provide precise description of picture quality to transmission speed.

Outputs / Inputs includes full list of discreet inputs / outputs installed on the server site, indicators near description signals their state. Certainly for outputs exists possibility of the remote enclosing e.g. turning on the lights.

CMS Mobile application is available for free and it co-operates with NET Professional systems and NetStation made by Alnet Systems company.

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